We are Marion and Alexis and we launched Mister RYE, the first Australian drinking straws in January 2020.

Our mission is simple: offer a local and traceable alternative to plastic and imported drinking straws.

We value existing resources, circular and local production cycle.

With Mister RYE our goal is to offer Australian farmers a new source of income producing rye straws, and promote employment in rural area.

Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard Mister Rye

Do you want to know the full story of our rye straws?

While traveling around the country in 2018, we were shocked at how much plastic we were picking up, especially on Australia’s most beautiful beaches and popular spots…

Straws always being in the top 10 picked items, after cigarette butts and plastic packaging, we also noticed they were a strong symbol to many organisations looking to raise awareness on plastic pollution! #stopsucking 

Everything came together when the video of the turtle with plastic straw stuck into its nostril got published. This video has been viewed over 40 millions times! It made people realise not only that straws were a danger to the marine environment, but more importantly that plastic pollution was a REAL and ACTUAL problem.

Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard Mister Rye

The more we continued our researches, the more we realised greenwashing is playing a big part in the #PlasticFree alternatives industry! Plant based products (made from PLA or bioplastic) are getting very popular on the Australian market and are said to be compostable. In reality they are only commercially compostable and not home compostable. This means these products need:

1. to be placed in the organic green bin. If not, it acts the same as traditional plastic in the environment.

2. a commercial composting facility in your city that use specific heating process to compost products. In Australia, there are only 150 facilities available (search the closest to you here)

Did you know all straws in Australia were imported from Asia?

Other plant based straws and paper straws are getting very popular everywhere in the world, but we couldn’t find a single drinking straw manufactured in Australia.

Everything is made abroad and imported…

Marion Vigot Mister Rye
Alexis Branlard Mister Rye

We started looking for local resources

With Dr Kath Cooper, researcher and plant breeder for more than 30 years, we started looking at what local resources we could use to create a 100% Australian straw, entirely grown and processed here in South Australia. 

Testing and trying different varieties of cereals, we found rye was the most suitable plant to be a straw. Our online research also confirmed rye straws were the ancestors of our polluting friends: plastic and paper straws! They were used to avoid spreading diseases in the 1800s.

With Mister RYE, we have a mission to replace the 10 millions straws used everyday in Australia with a local and traceable alternative to plastic and imported drinking straws.

Marion Vigot Mister Rye

Our rye straws story in video:

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