South australian rye DRINKING straws

A truly compostable drinking straw that builds healthy soil.

The only drinking straws 100% grown and made in Australia.

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Box of 30 rye straws at home


Flat shipping fee of $9.15 for up to 5 boxes!

Out of stock

  • Selected by hand, cut and packed with love in South Australia.
  • Grown on South Australian certified organic farmland.
  • Inner stalk of the rye plant and the by-product of the grain production.
  • Naturally gluten free*, super strong, tasteless and waterproof.
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable at home in your garden and compost or in commercial composting facilities.
  • Each purchase supports South Australian organic farmers and encourages more local sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.

    *Rye stalks are naturally gluten free, and our straws have been tested gluten-free. Gluten is present only in the rye grain. Our cleaning and sterilisation processes are carefully controlled, although cross contamination cannot be guaranteed. 

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From seed-to-straw
Discover the story of your straws and the people who grow them!

Meet our farmers

  • Our regular straws are 18cm
  • Diameter can vary between 3.5 and 5mm
  • Flat shipping fee of $8.95 for up to 5 boxes!

Mister RYE straws are intended to be used as a drinking straw and are not intended to be eaten or digested. You will notice straws quantity have changed as well as retail price to cover our production costs. Following our customers’ feedback we also upgraded our packaging into a quality tube boxes that are reusable, recyclable, and also compostable so you can easily transport your straws. We have also updated the quantity of straws per tube in order to match better with your home needs.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product & packaging.

Natasha Bartholomew

Better by 1000% than paper straws!!

Gail List
Box of rye straws

My 11 year old grandson was thrilled with your product as he loves looking after the environment.

Karen Broughton
Great product

Excellent alternative to paper straws, able to use over and over again. My grandchildren will love them, cause paper straws just don’t last. Will definitely give them a couple of packs and keep an eye on your website
Thanks again😊

Very happy

Nicely packaged and pleased with these all natural straws. Highly recommend A+

never soggy


Rye drinking straws for businesses

Be different, share a story with your customers.


100% grown in South Australia 🇦🇺

Mister RYE farming partners

Meet Josh, Peri and their family!

Their farm Border Park Organic, located in the Riverland, has been growing organic cereal rye for more than 20 years. They have a complete zero-waste lifestyle and they consume only what they produce. 

Our rye straws are also

  •  a by-product of the grain production

  • suitable to any drinks

  • home and commercially compostable 

  • 100% grown on certified organic farmland 

mister rye compostable straws
mister rye plant based compostable straws in Australia

A genuine natural product

Each Mister RYE straw is unique – with natural markings, various lengths and diameters.

These unique characteristics signify a genuinely natural product.

Watch our latest videos 📹

From paddock to drinking straw, watch our harvest!

The past few days on the farm have been rich in experience, memories and allowed us to recharge, reflect and pause. We often underestimate how important these pauses are in the entrepreneurial journey 🙌

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🥳 Didn’t share a post for it yet, but we have been officially out of stock of our 2021 production since August! 🌿 The very last boxes of Mister RYE straws can be found:
- at @whole_and_some in Adelaide, SA
- at @biomestores in Brisbane, GoldCoast QLD, possibly Melbourne VIC
- at @bichenologcabin in TAS
- at @a2bulkfoods in WA
- at @malleeground in the Mallee, SA
- at in Whyalla, SA
Unless they’ve run out too!

Check out @compostablealternatives for more plant based and agriculture byproduct straws option ☺️

📸 by @andrea_whitrow_photography 🥰

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While we've been waiting for the 21/22 harvest season to start, we are super excited to announce Alexis and myself received our Permanent Residency from the Australian Government! 🇦🇺🥳

This year has been super stressful for us, with no clear vision on our projects because of our visa status... We are now on our way to become Australians and we couldn't have hope for better news!!

While mother nature does her magic with our little rye plants, if you're currently looking for straws, please have a look at our sister business Compostable alternatives! We have these amazing grass and coconut straws, both also byproduct of the agriculture. We're also excited to see our range our certified home compostable products growing (link in our bio)!!

📸 by the lovely @andrea_whitrow_photography

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